briquette making machine

The briquetting machine has an irreplaceable role in major mining and industrial production. Its main function is to press and process powdered materials into larger pellets, thereby making the materials more convenient for subsequent use, more convenient transportation, and also Can reduce the transportation loss of materials. On the briquetting machine, the component of compacting […]

Briquetting Machine Structure

The briquetting machine is in a state of continuous operation for a long time, coupled with poor maintenance and other internal and external factors, causing many parts to fail prematurely. The service life of the briquetting machine mainly depends on the quality of its wearing parts, especially the pressure roller. A good pair of pressure […]

Briquetting machine spare parts

The high-pressure counter-roller briquetting machine is a device for pressing powdery materials into balls. The following materials can be briquetted, pelletized or pelletized, such as aluminum shavings, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, charcoal, clay, coke shavings, coal, cryolite, fertilizers, plastics, limestone, pigments, Urea, potash, etc. Its purpose is to reduce dust, control volumetric weight, […]

briquette making machine

In modern industrial production, in order to save raw materials, various equipments in various industries emerge in endlessly. As an important equipment for processing and pressing and reusing, the ball press machine will inevitably have various wear and aging in use. Important work components in the ball press machine Roller skins are often replaced after […]

ring hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is composed of a box body, a rotor, a hammer head, a backing liner, and a caster bar. Several rows of hanging hammer bodies are installed on the main shaft of the crusher, and pin shafts are penetrated through the pin holes on the circumference of the crusher. The hammer shaft is […]

Tooth roller

The roller skin of the ball press is a cylindrical shape member with a ball and socket dug on the surface layer of the roller core of the ball press. For ball presses and other equipment, the roller skin is a key component and plays an important role. The life of the roller skin determines […]

Ball press assembly

The roller skin of the ball press is the core component of the ball press. The quality of the ball skin of the ball press determines the service life of the ball press directly. The hardness of the roller skin of the ball press is the most important parameter to measure the quality of the […]

For various coal mine related industries and powder processing enterprises, the ball press can be said to be very familiar, and it should be very clear. The entire material forming production line can be collectively referred to as the ball press machine production line, because the core of the entire material forming the equipment is […]

Briquetting Machine Structure

As a molding equipment for pressing various materials, the ball press machine can meet the pressing needs of different industries. However, the selected roller skin does not match the material to be pressed, which can easily cause the wear of the ball skin of the ball press. The degree of wear caused by different hardness […]

Use of roller mill

High-pressure roller mills are widely used in major mines and related material crushing industries. They have the characteristics of large production capacity, fine output granularity, low unit energy consumption and low steel consumption. After years of research, it is found that the particle size of the high-pressure roller mill is not only related to the […]